Save more for retirement with your employer-sponsored plan and AmeriLife® Benefits Retirement Services.

Why contribute to both TRSL (or LASERS) and your employer-sponsored plan?

Most eligible employees contribute to the Louisiana defined benefit plan, but that does not guarantee a comfortable retirement. You will not be eligible for Social Security. Federal income taxes will be deducted from your retirement check. Plus, inflation and rising prices for health care, gasoline, food, and other household items could make it difficult to pay all your bills.

Take advantage of a broad selection of quality, brand-name savings options to save more for retirement

Investment Accounts

From a national financial advisory firm and Registered Investment Adviser.

Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs)

From the #1 issuer of FIAs in employer-sponsored plans.1

Fixed indexed annuities can provide potential for higher interest crediting than traditional fixed annuities, and minimum guaranteed accumulation value and safety of premiums paid and interest earned.
Life Insurance Company of the Southwest® (LSW), a member company of National Life Group, offers flexible premium indexed annuities (FIAs) for 403(b)/457 plans.

LSW has a financial strength rating of A+ (Superior, 2nd highest out of 16 rankings) by AM Best.2

Get the help you need to feel confident in your retirement savings

Need help with your retirement plan savings decisions? Meet with a registered Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) — at no charge to you — to learn more about savings options and to help you enroll.

Manage your retirement savings with IPX mobile technology and helpdesk support

Set up your retirement savings account on the IPX mobile app or online. Have questions? IPX helpdesk agents can help.

Tailor your personal savings strategy to your unique needs (illustration only)

Rod decides to diversify his retirement account, splitting his contributions between an FIA and an investment account. He likes the FIA with guarantees against loss of premiums paid and the interest earned — in case a market index decline occurs. And he invests in large-cap and mid-cap equity mutual funds for more growth potential.3

Aaliyah has little experience with investments or spare time between work and family. She schedules an appointment with the Investment Adviser Representative and elects to contribute to a RAISETM Star Series portfolio to take advantage of its professional investment management and systematic

James’ variable annuity is no longer subject to a surrender charge. He would like to “de-risk” its built-up contract value in case the market declines. He decides to exchange it, with the help of the IPX helpdesk, into an FIA with a Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider.4 Jamesis willing to enter a new surrender charge period to have peace of mind.

Program charges & fees

Charges and fees are based on individual annuity and investment selections.

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